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Confiscated Ivory Wildlife Conservation Society

Banning Ivory Sales in America

February 18, 2014

As the second-largest market for ivory in the world, the United States recently announced that it will ban the trade within its borders through a series of new rules. The editorial board of the New York Times explores the implications.

WCS Statement: London Declaration on Illegal Wildlife Trade

February 13, 2014

The following statement was released today by Dr. John G. Robinson, WCS Chief Conservationist and Executive Vice President of Conservation and Science.

More Devastating News for Forest Elephants

February 12, 2014

The authors of a landmark 2013 study, coordinated by WCS, show that forest elephant poaching continues apace, with 65 percent of the animals lost between 2002 and 2013. The information was released at the United for Wildlife International Wildlife Trafficking Symposium at the Zoological Society of London.

The Bloody Ivory Business

February 8, 2014

Following recent ivory crushes by the governments of France, China, and the U.S., the editorial board of the New York Times evaluates an initiative by New York State legislators to prohibit all ivory sales in the state, including those that are now technically legal.

This Week in London: Uniting to End the Scourge of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

February 7, 2014

In her 25 years of work on the issue of international wildlife trade, Dr. Sue Lieberman, WCS Executive Director for Conservation Policy, has never witnessed a level of poaching worse than it is today. The global initiative United for Wildlife will meet in London this week to identify solutions to the poaching crisis.

Baby Primates Rescued in Indonesia

January 23, 2014

An international trader with ties to global crime syndicates was arrested today for smuggling live animals, including baby siamangs and komodo dragons.

ivory crush Wildlife Conservation Society

China's ivory crush may be a half measure – but it's a welcome one

January 8, 2014

Joe Walston, WCS Asia Executive Director, believes the importance of China's ivory crush lies within the government's internal debates, not in its impact on the price of ivory.

Ivory Trade Makes Headlines in China

December 18, 2013

The elephant poaching crisis has gained national attention in China—a coup in the effort to stop the demand for ivory.

Record Poacher Arrest in China

December 16, 2013

Five poachers who admitted to killing more than 20 animals have been arrested in China’s Jilin Province, making it the largest-ever wildlife crime arrest for the area. Here, a forestry official examines the evidence.

ivory crush Wildlife Conservation Society

Crushing the Ivory Trade

November 14, 2013

Dr. Cristián Samper, WCS President and CEO, applauds the United States' commitment to eliminating the market for illegal ivory following an important event in Colorado.


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