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Mapping the Illegal Wildlife Trade

February 17, 2012

A new collaboration between WCS and Children's Hospital Boston uses media reports to help track wildlife trade and reduce its associated disease risks.

Health Experts Call for a New Kind of Airport Surveillance

January 10, 2012

A study finds evidence that bushmeat (including these straw-colored fruit bats) illegally imported into the country by air can contain and spread pathogens from wildlife to humans, and establishes the importance of tracking diseases associated with the illegal wildlife trade at U.S. ports.

Russian and U.S. Vets Solve Mysterious Tiger Deaths

September 30, 2011

Health experts from WCS’s Bronx Zoo, Primorskya State Agricultural Academy, and Moscow Zoo uncover how distemper may be affecting Siberian tigers.

A Tiny Turtle in Trouble

May 10, 2011

Why are North America’s smallest turtles getting sick? By giving full health check-ups to the rare reptiles, WCS and partners aim to clear the fog hanging over bog turtles. It's a much-needed rescue mission for a species now considered endangered in New York and Massachusetts.

The Mystery of the Naked Penguins

April 7, 2011

Featherless penguin chicks have been popping up on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in the last few years. WCS researchers and their partners are unraveling the clues to this strange disorder.

Wildlife Trade Gone Viral

April 14, 2010

At our country's doorstep, WCS health experts are helping authorities investigate the smuggling of wildlife and its stowaway diseases.

Something's Wrong with Right Whales

March 17, 2010

Large numbers of right whale calves are mysteriously dying off Argentina's coast. Conservationists are coming together to solve the case and save the whales.

A Howling Warning

March 16, 2010

South American howler monkeys sound the alert for humans during yellow fever outbreaks

Wildlife Faces Cancer Threat

June 24, 2009

A paper by WCS-Global Health scientists suggests that cancer is a growing threat to wildlife populations, and that environmental pollutants are a major cause.

Rare Vulture Returns to Cambodian Skies

March 18, 2009

After nearly dying from eating a poisoned animal carcass, a critically endangered white-rumped vulture was nursed back to health by wildlife veterinarians and conservationists from WCS and Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity.

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