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Filtered : Corridor Conservation in the Wild West

Path of the Pronghorn: Leading to Passages

December 11, 2013

Scientists from WCS have worked for over a decade to protect pronghorn migrating along a 100-mile long path to and from Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. Jeff Burrell, WCS Northern Rockies Program Coordinator, knows that if this corridor is severed, pronghorn will be lost from the park.

Path of the Pronghorn Leading to New Passages

November 2, 2011

As pronghorn set out on their long fall journey, new protections are underway to help them reach their destination. WCS conservationists Renee Seidler and Jon Beckmann describe the impressive migration, its formidable obstructions, and a few new ways around them.

The Wild West: A Pronghorn's Incredible Journey

September 22, 2010

WCS embarks on a huge study to ensure safer journeys for pronghorn through their migratory corridor in the American West.

Preserving a Wild West for Posterity and for Pronghorn

July 5, 2006

What will it take to conserve the Path of the Pronghorn, a trail that our continent’s fastest land animal has used since the end of the last Ice Age? In a landscape as famous for its mountains as for its oil fields, WCS scientist Dr. Joel Berger is determined to find out.

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