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Penguin Chicks Face Increasing Risks

February 3, 2014

The life of a young Magellanic penguin has never been easy. Now, a new study shows that the vulnerable chicks face additional threats to their survival from climate change.

We've Been Asking the Wrong Questions about Conservation

July 29, 2013

Dr James Watson, director of WCS’s Global Climate Change Program, explains that to understand the impacts of climate change on wildlife, we must first address the ways in which humans are changing their behaviors in response to the warming planet.

Walruses Move Ashore as Sea Ice Melts

March 30, 2012

As their sea ice habitat diminishes in the Arctic, Pacific walruses increasingly use coastal lands to haul out, and feed in the surrounding shallow waters. Because this phenomenon poses new threats to walrus populations, conservationists are adopting new strategies to monitor and protect them.

In the Arctic, Fewer Icebergs, More Ships

March 16, 2012

Marine mammals contend with new industrial developments in the Arctic as local waters become increasingly ice-free during the summer and fall.

Mapping Montana for Climate Change

June 23, 2011

A WCS conservationist maps out a climate change survival plan for species living within Montana’s Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

Musk Ox: The Pleistocene Relic in Our Backyard

December 14, 2010

Despite its low profile, the musk ox has persisted through the Pleistocene exinctions, outlasting the woolly mammoth and other prehistoric mammals. WCS Senior Scientist Joel Berger studies America’s least known large mammal and its unusual survival tactics.

Climate Change: Prime Time for Parasites

September 28, 2010

WCS scientists link rising temperatures and rainfall levels to a growing parasite problem for nestling birds in South America.

The Heat Is On

December 7, 2009

A WCS report, “Species Feeling the Heat: Connecting Deforestation and Climate Change,” highlights the impacts of deforestation and climate change on species around the globe.

Reefs Find Shelter from the Heat

December 4, 2007

A WCS study finds that the prospects of coral reefs in the age of climate change have improved. Reefs living in sites with variable temperatures are better able to survive warm water.

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