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We've Been Asking the Wrong Questions about Conservation

July 29, 2013

Dr James Watson, director of WCS’s Global Climate Change Program, explains that to understand the impacts of climate change on wildlife, we must first address the ways in which humans are changing their behaviors in response to the warming planet.

WCS Receives Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Grant

August 12, 2011

The grant will support efforts by New Yorkers to tackle climate change via a public forum on WCS’s new Mannahatta 2409 website.

Mapping Montana for Climate Change

June 23, 2011

A WCS conservationist maps out a climate change survival plan for species living within Montana’s Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

New Book Addresses Climate Change in the Adirondacks

July 8, 2010

WCS ecologist Jerry Jenkins shows the global problem of climate change hitting home in the Adirondacks and how the region can fight back.

An Arctic Adventure: Day 8

June 18, 2010

This week, WCS scientists are trekking across the vast and remote Alaskan Arctic and deep into the National Petroleum Reserve to explore how best to conserve Arctic wildlife in the midst of expanding energy development. WCS conservationist Steve Zack is chronicling the trip for the New York Times' Scientists at Work blog.

Dolphin Discovery

April 1, 2009

Nearly 6,000 Irrawaddy dolphins are alive and swimming in Bangladesh, according to new WCS research. Prior to this study, the largest known populations of Irrawaddy dolphins numbered in the low hundreds or less.

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