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Filtered : Care for Animals in the Wild

After a Head-Start, Hellbenders Slither Back Under Rocks

August 21, 2013

Their name makes them sound tough, but Eastern hellbenders are in need of protection in New York State. The salamanders are facing population decline due to habitat destruction, disease, and pollution.

Bringing Back the Blue Iguana

August 5, 2011

WCS veterinarian Dr. Paul Calle recently traveled to Grand Cayman to conduct health examinations on a group of captive-bred blue iguanas before their release into the wild. Through an emergency response effort led by the Blue Iguana Recovery Program, Calle and his colleagues have helped this critically endangered species rebound from near-extinction.

Blue Iguana Rebounds from Near-Extinction

July 19, 2011

Health experts from WCS’s Bronx Zoo and other members of the Blue Iguana Recovery Program are close to saving the endangered reptile in its home on Grand Cayman island.

Serendipity in Sumatra

June 1, 2010

WCS field veterinarians tracking avian influenza catch a glimpse into the life of a little-known bird, Nordmann's greenshank, as it flies between the Russian seacoast and the beaches of Sumatra.

Rare Vulture Returns to Cambodian Skies

March 18, 2009

After nearly dying from eating a poisoned animal carcass, a critically endangered white-rumped vulture was nursed back to health by wildlife veterinarians and conservationists from WCS and Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity.

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