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Filtered : Alaskas Migratory Birds Cope With Climate Change

Bird's Eye View of the Changing Climate

June 28, 2013

Steve Zack, WCS's Coordinator of Bird Conservation, describes the impacts of climate change on the annual spring journeys and breeding habits of migratory birds.

Arctic Breeding Birds Need Our Attention

April 24, 2013

Every year, millions of birds migrate to the coastal wetlands of Arctic Alaska to breed. Joe Liebezeit, WCS’s Arctic birds project leader, explains how rising temperatures are dramatically transforming this landscape and the lives of its seasonal residents.

A Scientist’s Blog from the Arctic

July 12, 2011

Dr. Steve Zack blogs on his migratory bird studies from Alaska’s Teshekpuk Lake, the largest Arctic wetland complex in the world.

Striking Balance in the Arctic

October 13, 2010

WCS asks the government to fully protect “Special Areas” in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve for caribou and migratory birds.

An Arctic Adventure: Day 8

June 18, 2010

This week, WCS scientists are trekking across the vast and remote Alaskan Arctic and deep into the National Petroleum Reserve to explore how best to conserve Arctic wildlife in the midst of expanding energy development. WCS conservationist Steve Zack is chronicling the trip for the New York Times' Scientists at Work blog.

Kids Vote To Help Save Arctic Wildlife

November 6, 2009

WCS receives $100,000 for Arctic wildlife conservation and climate change research from Disney’s Friends for Change: Project Green.

Winged Odyssey

August 7, 2009

WCS scientists working in northern Alaska spot a shorebird originally tagged 8,000 miles away, in Victoria, Australia. The bar-tailed godwit flew the length of the Pacific in an epic journey that underscores the importance of this northern breeding ground.

Teshekpuk Goes to the Birds

June 4, 2008

Birds and other wildlife score protection from energy exploration in Alaska’s Teshekpuk Lake region. At 23 million acres, Teshekpuk is the largest single piece of public land in the U.S.

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