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DNA Tells of Two Blue Whale Populations

December 19, 2014

By collecting and analyzing the DNA of 60 blue whales, a group of scientists determined there may be two distinct populations in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. This information could help inform an effective protection plan for this endangered species.

Exploring Indonesia’s Forgotten Islands

December 14, 2014

Stuart Campbell and Nils Krueck recount their time in Indonesia, exploring the Forgotten Islands and the difficulties facing the people and wildlife who live there.

Let’s Expand Terrestrial Parks into the Ocean

December 10, 2014

Caleb McClennen, WCS Executive Director for Marine Conservation, believes it is time we commit ourselves to expanding global ocean protection. The world's waters are in need of the same conservation efforts that have created many protected parks on land. 

Pharmaceuticals Put Vultures at Risk

December 8, 2014

European vultures are facing a grave threat. Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug recently approved for use on livestock in Spain and Italy, is lethal to the birds, who ingest it through animal carcasses. Some veterinarians and biologists are urging an EU-wide ban.

War in South Sudan Impacting Wildlife

December 8, 2014

Amidst the violent conflict South Sudan, 30 percent of the elephants WCS had previously tagged with satellite collars are estimated to have been poached in the last year.

Dried Manta and Devil Ray Parts WCS

Traffickers of Mantas and Devil Rays Get Bitten in Busts

December 1, 2014

On LiveScience, Stuart Campbell, Prayekti Ningtias, and Erika Reuter write of the rise in arrests of manta ray traders, illustrating Indonesia's commitment to intercept and prosecute illegal trade in marine products. The busts may be resonating, too, as the price of manta products like these has declined, possibly due to falling demand from locals.

Camera Trap Images Help ID Problem Tigers

November 19, 2014

In India, WCS researchers and other partners are using high-tech solutions to zero in on individual tigers in conflict and relocate them out of harm’s way for the benefit of both the tigers and the people.

Fulfilling the Broken Promise of Nature Reserves

November 19, 2014

Since 2003 tens and thousands of protected areas have been established worldwide to protect endangered animals, like these jaguars. Unfortunately, as James Watson, Director of WCS Global Climate Change Program, explains, 80% of current protected areas are not being managed properly.

Karukinka Celebrates 10 Years

November 17, 2014

Among its many treasures, Karukinka has Admiralty Sound—home to the world’s only known colony of in-shore nesting black-browed albatross.

Saving the World, One Park at a Time

November 14, 2014

Dr. Cristián Samper, WCS President and CEO, explains that "When parks are sufficiently funded and staffed, the results can provide conservationists with important models for how to protect natural resources."


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