Videos - North America

Teshekpuk, Alaska Video
Alaska's northern coastal plain is the home to millions of migratory bird species.

Pacific Fisher ©WCS

Tracking the Pacific Fisher

In California, WCS works with the Hoopa tribe to preserve the redwoods for an elusive forest mammal.

Loon ©WCS

The Adirondacks

Very little conjures up imagery of the wild so vividly as the call of the loon. Yet these enigmatic birds face serious threats even in their nesting grounds in the Adirondack Park.

Mannahatta ©WCS

The Mannahatta Project

Take a trip back in time through the “Yellowstone of the East Coast” with WCS ecologist Eric Sanderson.

Pronghorn ©WCS

The Path of the Pronghorn Antelope

An icon of the American West faces new obstacles as it travels an ancient route through sagebrush plains.

Save Wildlife Living In Conflict Zones

Help protect animals living in regions of human conflict, including gorillas in Central Africa and big cats in Afghanistan.

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