Arctic Oil: A Boon for Nest Predators Video
Dr. Steve Zack studies the impacts of energy development on the birds of Arctic Alaska.

A Bird Like No Other: Raising Maleos

After carefully recreating the conditions needed for incubation, WCS ornithologists at the Bronx Zoo helped a maleo family hatch three rare chicks. The zoo is the only home for maleos outside Indonesia, and the staff’s insights into this rare bird’s nesting needs will improve conservation efforts on behalf of its wild cousins.

Southern River terrapin © Eleanor Briggs

A Terrapin Returns Home

In conjunction with the Cambodian Fisheries Administration and Wildlife Reserves Singapore, WCS helped a captured Southern River terrapin, one of the rarest and most endangered turtles on Earth, make her way back into the wild. The release, on the shores of the Sre Ambel River in Cambodia, marks a hopeful sign for the species' survival.

South Sudan ©WCS

Natural Resources and Nation Building in the Republic of South Sudan

Representatives of the Government of South Sudan reflect on the importance of integrating sound natural resources management and wildlife conservation into the development goals for Africa’s newest nation.

Group Therapy Luke Groskin ©WCS

Group Therapy

Things are getting tough at the Bronx Zoo. The owls are losing sleep. The sloths are biting their claws.

penguins ©WCS

The Penguins of Punta Tombo

Patagonia's penguins need our help, but we also need theirs. WCS's Dr. Dee Boersma explains.

Elephant Poaching ©WCS

Blood Ivory

Already facing the threat of habitat loss, our planet's largest land mammals are being slaughtered by poachers in greater and greater numbers. In this moving video, WCS's Dr. Liz Bennett explains why wild elephant families are so vulnerable, and how we can help them survive.

Elephant Luke Groskin ©WCS

Crop-Raiding Elephants

WCS-Indonesia field staff find a way to keep the peace between elephants and farmers in southern Sumatra.

Tiger taxidermist confiscation ©WCS

Black Market Tigers

A Wildlife Crimes Unit coordinator talks about fighting a dangerous trade in Indonesia.

New York Seascape Luke Groskin ©WCS

New York Seascape

New York Aquarium director Jon Dohlin introduces the watery wilderness at his doorstep.

Conservation in Conflict ©WCS

Conservation in Conflict

WCS-Asia's Peter Zahler discusses how biodiversity conservation can help bring peace to Afghanistan.


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