Saving Scarlet Macaws

Saving Scarlet Macaws Photo
Deep within Latin America's Selva Maya, the Maya Biosphere Reserve protects jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys, and scarlet macaws. These parrots are some of the most intelligent and gregarious animals on the planet, but they're also among the most critically endangered. Habitat destruction and poaching for the pet trade have whittled Guatemala's entire macaw population down to a mere 300 birds.

Conservationists from WCS's Guatemala Program have worked to conserve scarlet macaws, and last year, WCS reported a major conservation victory for the birds: a bumper crop of fledglings that have now taken flight. With guidance from the Bronx Zoo’s Department of Ornithology and veterinarians from the Global Health Program, teams in Guatemala focused their efforts on weak and at-risk chicks. Learn more about our work in the Maya Biosphere Reserve with this video from Reuters.

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