First Annual Wildlife Conservation Day

First Annual Wildlife Conservation Day Photo
December 4 marked the globe’s inaugural Wildlife Conservation Day, as appointed by Secretary Clinton during a recent speech at the State Department. Her speech on wildlife trafficking demonstrates commitment to a cause WCS has been fighting for decades. One of the illegal wildlife trade’s most beloved victims is the rhinoceros, hunted to the edge of existence for its valuable horn. In the last decade alone, two rhino subspecies, the western black rhinoceros in Cameroon and the Indochinese Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam, have gone extinct. Today, the populations of two more subspecies are listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN. WCS CEO Cristián Samper has issued a statement on wildlife trafficking, reiterating, “Without a commitment to stopping all elements of this crime, any effort to protect our world’s iconic species is doomed to fail.”

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