Butterflies Flutter By

Butterflies Flutter By Photo

A cloud of butterflies alights in Bahuaja Sonene National Park (BSNP), Peru. The park is a crown jewel of Latin America’s impressive protected area network, with more than 600 bird species, 180 mammal species, 50 reptiles and amphibian species, 180 fish varieties, and 1,300 types of butterflies. Recently, researchers found 365 previously undocumented species thriving in the park during an in-depth wildlife survey.

WCS has been working in BSNP and across the Greater Madidi Landscape in Peru and Bolivia since the 1990s. Our conservationists helped form more than 20 community-based enterprises in the area that promote the sustainable use of natural resources, such as native honey, cacao, timber, and more.

© Carlos Sevillano

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