Eagle vs. Deer

Eagle vs. Deer Photo
Imagine you’re scrolling through your camera’s photo library when all of a sudden you discover this shot. That’s what happened to Linda Kerley of the Zoological Society of London, who runs a camera trap project to monitor for endangered Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East. Her remote camera snapped three images of a golden eagle capturing a young sika deer over a two-second period. The deer’s carcass was found two weeks later, just a few yards from the camera, initially puzzling researchers.

The paper and images appear in the September issue of the Journal of Raptor Research. Jonathan Slaght of WCS co-authored the paper with Kerley. He noted that golden eagles have a long history of eyebrow-raising predation attempts. Learn more in the press release.
© Linda Kerley, Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

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