Like Parent, Like Chick

Like Parent, Like Chick Photo
A black-browed albatross and its chick peer at the camera on the coast of Admiralty Sound, in Tierra del Fuego, Chile. WCS conservationist Alejandro Vila was observing nests during the fledging period, while one of the parents was foraging at sea. He planned to attach a GPS transmitter to the parent when it returned to feed its chick.

Black-browed albatrosses are considered endangered, largely due to accidental capture in commercial fishing equipment. The Islote Albatros colony that Vila was studying is the smallest for the species, and the only landlocked one on record.

“The curious chick of one month old was very alert,” said Vila. “And when I took out my camera, both the chick and its parent were looking right at my lens. I was very lucky!”

© Alejandro Vila

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