Night Falls over the Adirondacks

Night Falls over the Adirondacks Photo
As evening blankets the Adirondacks, vibrant pink and orange hues encircle treetops. Beneath and within them are nocturnal animals, beginning to stir. These vistas are more than resplendent: they’re vast, too. Many don’t realize that the Adirondack Park—home to moose, black bear, loons, and gray jays—is the largest protected area within the continental United States. 

Conserving this precious terrain is especially complex since public and private lands comprise the Adirondacks, with 100 towns and villages spread among idyllic forests and lakeshores. Other conservation challenges stem from ecological impact and climate change. To learn about mercury contamination threatening Adirondack loons, read our recent web story.
Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

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