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Whale Shark Photo
Marine conservationist Rachel Graham attaches a radio transponder to a whale shark in the waters of Nosy Be, Madagascar. Graham is studying the migratory routes of this species—the world’s largest fish.
©Julie Larsen Maher

Madagascar Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

Cucumber Crackdown

Off the northwestern coast of Madagascar, marine ecosystems thrive, thanks to a careful balance between sustainable harvesting and wildlife conservation. Although biodiversity remains high in the Western Indian Ocean, illegal poaching of sea cucumbers has disrupted marine life safeguards. We are excited to report that authorities recently removed divers illegally exploiting the Ankarea Marine Protected Area—a safe haven WCS helped to establish—using patrolling missions. With 80 scuba divers driven out of the region, local communities can resume sustainable practices without fear of disruption.

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